The best things come into being when demanding people discover something for themselves and Let their passion guide them.
This is how Michael beck continuously reinvents cocoa, experiments with spices and essences and creates new worlds of enjoyment. the enticing product range, which includes 14+x unique taste sensations, proves just how versatile the cocoa bean is and shows the harmony with which it can be combined with herbs and other delicacies. However, the aromas are never the prevailing flavor; they ascend very gently after the delicious cocoa taste and Glide over your tongue and roof of your mouth, melitng into an exquisite combination.

The ingredients are very simple. Regardless of the price, we sample only the best quality products, add cane sugar or coconut sugar, herbs and/or natural flavours. the mixture is then stirred for a long time and finally packaged. You can also find the exact ingredients and explanations in our ingredient list.  

Since 2014, we have been fair trade certified in addition to our commmitment to organic products. This is not to say we are at the end of our path; indeed we are still very much at the beginning..
THe next important steps involve working consistently to ensure direct purchase from the farmers without any involvement of importers. In my opinion, this is the only way to develop a livable income in the countries which produce cocoa, not to mention help us on our continuous search for the perfect cocoa.